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IBC / Qualifying Events

 The IBC / Qualifying Events page is where you will find information on the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships, and the qualification tournaments which determine the field of teams to participate. You may select a particular tournament for event information and results (current and historical).

Tournament Schedule

 The Tournament Schedule page will launch you to detailed coverage of the more than 50 intercollegiate bowling tournaments conducted each season. You may select an individual tournament for event information and results (current and historical).

Latest Results

 The Latest Results page is were to quickly find the latest tournament results, individual scores, and team rankings.

On Deck

 The On Deck page (updated weekly) keeps you informed of what college bowling events are next on the schedule, where they are taking place, and what is at stake.

What's New

 The What's New page will let you know what information (current and historical) is being added to this site and where you can get it.


BWAA Bowling Poll

 The Bowling Poll page will provide an explanation of the voting process, current national rankings, as well as an historical look back to who was the best of past.

Conference Results

 The Conference Results page will provide information on intercollegiate bowling conferences that compete nationally each year.

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